The perfect compositions and camera angles you should use in candid photography

As in all types of photography, the composition is what makes a good photography fantastic. What kind of camera or lens you have, does not really matter, as long as your photography skills and compositions is good. Here we are giving you a few tips
to make it even better.

You might recognize the image on the next page from one of the first pages in this book. I want to show you this again, because this is a good example of using foreground, subject and background.


As you can see on the image on the next page, I have used other people as foreground. They are not in focus, and they are not the main subject in this image. I used them to create more depth to the image, and to strengt the feeling of a crowded area. You are not required to have a foreground in your photo, but a foreground will give
your image more depth and make it more interesting.

Examples of foreground items can be a plant, the side of a car, or a house, or other
people. Be creative.


The subject is what you are accually photographing. In candid photography, you are usually photographying other people, so your subject will most likely be a person or a group of people. You want the viewer of your photo to have his or hers attention at your subject. Therefore your subject need to be in focus.


A bad background can ruin a perfect picture. A good background can lift a photo to new heights. You should always try to use the background to your advantage. You can keep the background clear to isolate your subject, if your subject is the only important thing.

In another way, you can use the background to strengthen your subject. For example, if you are photographing a demonstration. Then other demonstrators in the background will empower the photo. As you can see in the picture on the
previous page.

Ground level

This method gives a unique and interesting perspective on your pictures. Place your camera on the ground and point it at your subject. If you have a flip screen on your camera, tilt it out so you can see the screen without placing your face on the ground.

Hip level

To shot from the hip is a well-known term. And in candid photography, it means just the same thing. Take a chance and hope you hit your subject with your camera. Or you can do more controlled hip shooting.

Flip out your screen so you
can see what your camera is pointing at. This method might be the best for staying undetected while shooting and will draw less attention than shooting from the ground, eye, or top level.

Eye level

This is the most well-known way to photograph. To do this, just look through your cameras viewfinder and take pictures. You can be standing or sitting down, but in candid photography, standing might draw less attention than sitting down.

Using this method with a lens with a big focal length, you might take really good candid photos without letting your subject know your presence. This method is great for candid
portrait, where it is important to keep the camera at your subject’s eye level.

Top level

In big crowds, you will usually just get the people in front when photographing. If you need to fill your shot with a crowd or multiple people, you can try to lift your camera over your head to get a more top-down perspective.

With this technique, it might be hard to take a picture of what you are aiming for. Alternatively, you can try to get to a higher place.

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